At Poobies we believe that small gestures can make our dogs' journey with us longer and happier. So we care for them, love them, and always pamper them. In return, we receive our pooches' affection in the form of slobbery licks, and, as pet lovers, we want to give back all the love our dogs bring to our lives.

These values combined with our passion for dog care makes of Poobies
 a company that offers high quality & gentle dog nail grinders that satisfies both us owners as our four-legged friends.


Poobies. Your dog's best life.


Meet Wendy, POOBIES™ founder.

Wendy, who holds a doctor of veterinary medicine degree, has been concerning about dog care for years.

Many dog owners have been consulting her specifically about nail care. She found that often, clippers didn’t suit their need, as it made dog anxious and could lead to unnecessary injuries. This led her to design her very own dog nail grinder.

POOBIES was born in 2014 and is the result of the combination of Wendy’s interest in dog care and expertise in veterinarian science.